Strategic Objectives & Ambitious Determination.

Innovative Strategies


United Fund is an Equity Investment Fund that provides unique and creative opportunities in the Real Estate Market for international investors looking for secure options with high percentage returns.  Las Vegas has provided a playing field of opportunity for visionaries, like United Fund who have been able to locate prime deals and effectively rehabilitate properties into unique and demanding real estate, to be sold at a profit or rented for premium rates. With 30+ years of real estate expertise, United Fund shares its opportunities with those that share our vision.

Part of creating a profitable real estate portfolio is the ability to remain ahead of the ball when it comes to locating prime, off-market, deals.  Through promising business relationships, UF is able to acquire assets that are not as easily accessible to other types of investors.

Investors are always looking to get high returns with secured investments such as real estate but don’t always have the liquid capital or time/experience to acquire and execute in the real estate market.  

Another creative format for investment that UF provides is an investment into pooled equity.  This partnership allows investors to diversify investments over a variety of homes and to buy into a an entire portion of the existing portfolio.



Completed Projects