Part of creating a profitable real estate portfolio is the ability to remain ahead of the ball when it comes to locating prime, off-market, deals.  Through promising business relationships, United Fund is able to acquire assets that are not as easily accessible to other types of investors.

The Joint Venture “Flip” formula allows investors to sidekick on these rehab investments as “50/50” Partners.  For the investor, that means the opportunity to capitalize on the lucrative “flipping” market without needing or having the ability to execute.  The investments are similar to Rehab Investments in that they also follow the same process of locating properties that require intensive remodeling and renovating in order to be sold within a year at retail.  

United Fund has the access to obtain highly profitable deals and to receive the financing needed to complete the purchase.  The Joint Ventures require larger initial investments than Rehab Investments because the investors are responsible to fund both the acquisition of the property (Down Payment) and the renovation/marketing of the property.  The key is in the upside. The investors can share profits of +/-25% to 50% yearly.

Investment Terms:

  • $250,000 Minimum Investment

  • 50% of Net Profits at Sale of Property

  • 6 Months – 1 Year Term (Depending on size of project)