Pooled Equity Investments

Pooled Equity Investments allow investors to diversify the investment over a range of properties' total shared equity.  By owning 50% of the equity in multiple homes, investors place themselves in a more secure position with a the options for higher returns as multiple homes appreciate at different rates based on micro-economical growth in the various locations of the homes.

This style of investment is for a longer term allowing for value to be accumulated over time while still providing monthly income of up to 8%.  The combination of the monthly income from premium rentals along with the appreciated equity of the homes, provides investors with returns of 25%-30% or higher annually. The terms for this investment platform are flexible to market fluctuation and usually range from 3-5 years

Investment Terms:

  • $500,000 Minimum Investment

  • Monthly Payments (up to 8%)

  • 50% of Equity Gained

  • Secured via Partnership of Entity which Owns the Properties